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Slow store loos Sale more then 75% lets optimization speed.

100% Satisfaction

You can remain assured regarding the end results as we ensure 100% satisfactory results.

100% Satisfaction

You can remain assured regarding the end results as we ensure 100% satisfactory results.

100% Satisfaction

You can remain assured regarding the end results as we ensure 100% satisfactory results.

Magento store speed determines the success of any web store, resulting in more site visitors and sales. The driving force behind visitors’ behavior is the website speed and the webpage load time. We at store-team have mastered the art of optimizing magento whether it be at the server level or digging into the magento site to see what is causing increased load times. Cache, database optimization and server configurations are some techniques we use to minimize load times. A practical example of Magento speed optimization is Walmart, a multinational retail corporation, have experienced 2% rise in conversions against every single second of website speed improvement and for each 100 ms of improvement, they have seen 1% rise in incremental revenue.

Considering Magento performance optimization a must have practice, FME extensions provide professionals’ support for Magento server and speed optimization. Our experts know how search engine giants, like Google, give importance to website speed and page load time for ranking purpose. That’s why our every client is unique to us. Understanding their store needs, analyzing their existing setup, and implementing changes for better Magento performance optimization, our every single effort is for their business success.

Full Page Cache:

 This extension helps optimize Magento speed by caching store pages. It reduces the load time, the server load, which helps ranking high at Google, and ultimately increasing the sales.

Redis Server:

It’s an advanced server that we use for session and backend storage. It provides better eviction control and supports multiple databases for Magento server optimization.


APC: We use Alternate PHP Cache to provide a robust framework, which is used for caching PHP intermediate code. It helps having duplicate PHP script executions, which are optimized for efficient running..

MySQL Optimization and Configuration:

To optimize Magento database performance, proper MySQL configuration is needed. Optimizing and configuring MySQL helps improving the performance by 65%. We work on optimizing the MySQL Queries to help fast loading of Magento.

Server Configuration: 

Other than having an efficient web server, its configuration is needed for optimizing the server performance. It helps improving the speed of your Magento store.

mages & HTML files optimization 
Images and HTML and Css/Javascript files perform major rol in website loading speed optimization we will optimize images in your store and all css/Javascript and html files 
 Speed up your magento store best performance load site in 3 second

How We Optimize Magento Performance and Speed?

Additional server configurations help in improving Magento speed, which is easier to do, but the core problem needs in depth knowledge and experience with Magento core architecture. We work both on Magento code and server environment to come up at optimized speed of the Magento store. For that, we perform complex analysis of your store including the server and speed optimization aspects. We do that the following ways:

  • We check your server environment settings and tweak for best fit.
  • We check your Magento settings for any flaws and correct them.
  • We optimize Magento code by checking any 3rd party modules creating any conflicts and resolve them.
  • We optimize frontend features to enhance the website speed.
  • We perform Magento profiling investigation of your Magento store and resolve issues causing slow performance.
  • We optimize database performance by analyzing slow database queries and then optimizing MySQL queries.

Are you facing slow speed of your Magento store? Contact us for free consultation. Let our Magento developers utilize their expertise and experience to speed up your store. 

It’s your business; it’s your domain; experience growth with optimal Magento performance. We are here to help you out!

Other than having a stunning store design and custom functionalities, speed optimization in Magento is integral to impress Google, and to convince customers. Our experienced Magento optimization developers follow the best practices and standards while working on frontend and backend development. Performance testing in Magento helps us understand how successful we are in our efforts and where to improve.

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